CPL on schedule in September but don’t clash with IPL: CPL CEO Pete Russell

CPL on schedule in September but don't clash with IPL: CPL CEO Pete Russell
CPL on schedule in September but don't clash with IPL: CPL CEO Pete Russell
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Caribbean Premier League (CPL) CEO, Pete Russell is expecting that the 8th season of the tournament can start on schedule in September and don’t want a clash with IPL.

Earlier this week, IPL 2020 was suspended indefinitely due to coronavirus pandemic. It’s under speculation that Board of Control for Cricket in India (BCCI) is planning to organise IPL in September-October window for which Asia Cup and 2020 T20 World Cup have to be rescheduled.

CPL 2020 is planed be organised between August 19 and September 26. Concerned Pete Russell said, “We wouldn’t go up against it. While I know the BCCI is all-powerful in these things, there has to be some sensible consideration around what players and other leagues are doing.”

“I think IPL would want all the West Indian players to be playing in their tournament – it wouldn’t make sense for them to play at the same time as CPL when a lot of their stars are playing with us. That would defeat the objective. I don’t think they need to do that, either. They can figure out their own window, for sure,” he added.

Pete is confident that till September situation in Caribbean will improve and currently it’s under control. Few months to go, will have a bit of time to take decision.

Speaking to the ESPNCricinfo Pete Russell said, “It’s good that the Caribbean has locked down early, and it hasn’t been hit in the same way as the UK, for example. We’re looking at different permutations in terms of what could or couldn’t happen, but the lucky thing is that we’ve got a bit of time – we don’t have to force a decision.”

“I don’t think there’s any question that we’ll be able to play it. We’re only going to play if it’s safe to do so, but we’ve been approached by a lot of the countries who want it to happen. The reason [for that] is that it’s a big sporting event, and it could act as a sign or a marker that the Caribbean is open for business again,” he said.