‘I can’t take this anymore’: Yuzvendra Chahal during lockdown

'I can't take this anymore': Yuzvendra Chahal during lockdown
'I can't take this anymore': Yuzvendra Chahal during lockdown
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As the country is under lockdown to contain the spread of the coronavirus pandemic, people are finding it difficult to get to terms with their new way of living. And Yuzvendra Chahal is no different from others.

The lockdown is getting inside the Indian wrist-spinner who has been confined to his house amid the 21-day lockdown. Chahal revealed his life during the lockdown on a chat show hosted by Jatin Sapru.

“Main apne ghar se lockdown ho jaunga (I will get lock-downed from my home), I will not come back to my home, that’s it for me…I can’t take this anymore, can’t stay at home for longer now. These days of staying at home will suffice for the next three years now,” Chahal said during the chat show.

Yuzvendra looked frustrated when talking about life during the lockdown.

“I will live in a nearby hotel but will not stay at home, that’s it for me now, can’t bear any more lockdown days,” he added.

He was desperately waiting to bowl and said that he will at least ball on the day lockdown gets over.

“I am going to ground, I really want to bowl. When there is a lot of cricket to play we say ‘there is so much going on’ but we start missing it when there is no action. You will good when you go the ground, I miss bowling, I am what I am because of the cricket only. I will surely go and bowl at least a ball on the day lockdown gets over,” he said.

Yuzvendra Chahal has revealed the name of the player with whom he does not want to spend the lockdown period.

“Bolta hi nahi h Kuch. Uska yorker maarne ka man hua aur usne lota maar diya to kya karunga main (Bumrah does not speak much and what he throws a utensil at me if he feels like bowling a yorker),” Chahal said.