India vs New Zealand: What will happen on Reserve Day? World Cup 2019

India vs New Zealand What will happen on Reserve Day World Cup 2019
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Before looking to what are the possibilities and looking to what will happen on the reserve day first look at what happened on the scheduled day?

What happened on Scheduled Day?

New Zealand won the toss and opted to bat first on the Old Trafford track. Virat Kohli was also looking to bat first on this pitch. Henry Nicholls and Martin Guptill came out to bat, Indian bowlers were looking good. It was during the 47th over which was being bowled by Bhuvneshwar Kumar while Ross Taylor and Tom Latham were batting in the middle when rain interrupted the match.

New Zealand were 211/5 in 46.1 overs before rain stopped play in the first semifinal at Old Trafford on 9 July 2019. Initially, it was drizzling when umpire decided to go off the field later it turned on to be full-on rain. It was 18:32 Local Time when the umpire called of the match of the day and the game was moved on to the next day.

What will happen on Reserved Day?

Start Time

As per the ICC rule, the start time of the reserved day will be the same as on the scheduled day. So the match will start at 10:30 Local Time (3:00 pm IST).

From where the match will start?

The match will be resumed from where it was left on Tuesday (July 9) which is from 46.1 overs of the New Zealand innings with the score at 211/5. New Zealand will play their remaining 23 balls.

What if it rains on the Reserve day?

If it also rains on a reserved day, then every possible will be made to finish the match. The Duckworth-Lewis-Stern (DLS) method could also come to the picture to decide a winner with revised overs and targets.

In case New Zealand does not bat again, then India’s target will be:
237 in 46 overs
223 in 40 overs
209 in 35 overs
192 in 30 overs
172 in 25 overs
148 in 20 overs

What if it rains on the Reserve day and no result is possible?

If it also rains on a reserved day and no play is possible to decide a winner after DLS method then the team that finished higher on the points table will move to the final. Here, India will qualify for the final as India finished at the top of the table in the league stage.