PKL 2021 Auction: List of released players for Pro Kabaddi League 2021

The 12 teams have in total released 161 players with Bengal Warriors (16 out of 20) and Telugu Titans (15 out of 18) dropping most of their members.

PKL 2021 Auction: List of released players for Pro Kabaddi League 2021
PKL 2021 Auction: List of released players for Pro Kabaddi League 2021
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Ahead of the Pro Kabaddi League Player Auctions for Season 8 (PKL 2021 auction) which is to be held from 29th – 31st August 2021, released players for PKL 2021 has been announced.

The 12 teams have in total released 161 players with Bengal Warriors (16 out of 20) and Telugu Titans (15 out of 18) dropping most of their members.

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Prolific Pro Kabaddi raider Pardeep Narwal has been released by Patna Pirates while defending champions Bengal Warriors have let go of veterans Sukesh Hegde and Jeeva Kumar, according to the Pro Kabaddi 2021 released players list announced on Friday.

Other notable players that have been released are Iranian Meraj Sheykh(Dabang Delhi K.C.), Siddharth Desai (Telugu Titans), Sandeep Narwal (U Mumba) and Rishank Devadiga (U.P. Yoddha) among others.

Among captains, Rohit Kumar (Bengaluru Bulls), Rohit Gulia (Gujarat Fortunegiants), Dharmaraj Cheralathan (Haryana Steelers), Deepak Hooda(Jaipur Pink Panthers) and Surjeet Singh (Puneri Paltan) were also let go.

Tamil Thalaivas released their three legends; Ajay Thakur, Rahul Chaudhari and Manjeet Chhillar in a bid to shake up their team.

These players will be added to the auction pool and can be bought by any of the 12 teams during the three-day Pro Kabaddi auction that starts on August 29.

Pro Kabaddi 2021 released players list

Bengal Warriors released players

Sukesh Hegde – Raider

K Prapanjan – Raider

Mohammad Taghi – Raider

Rakesh Narwal – Raider

Amit – Defender

Naveen Narwal – Defender

Baldev Singh – Defender

Jeeva Kumar – Defender

Viraj Vishnu Landge – Defender

Adarsh T – Defender

Dharmendra Singh – Defender

Amir Dhumal – All-Rounder

Avinash A.R. – All-Rounder

Mayur Shivkarkar – All Rounder

Sourabh Patil – All-Rounder

Sunil Dubili – All-Rounder

Bengaluru Bulls released players

Rohit Kumar – Raider

Lal Mohar Yadav – Raider

Sumit Singh – Raider

Vinod Kumar – Raider

Rajulal Choudhary – Defender

Vijay Kumar – Defender

Mahender Singh – Defender

Aman – Defender

Sandeep – Defender

Ajay – Defender

Ankit – Defender

Ashish Kumar – All-Rounder

Sanjay Shreshtha – All-Rounder

Dabang Delhi K.C. released players

Aman Kadian – Raider

Chandran Ranjit – Raider

Sumit Kumar – Raider

Joginder Narwal – Defender

Vishal Mane – Defender

Pratik Patil – Defender

Ravinder Pahal – Defender

Anil Kumar – Defender

Saeid Ghaffari – Defender

Satywan – Defender

Sombir – Defender

Meraj Sheykh – All-Rounder

Gujarat Giants released players

Abolfazl Maghsodloumahali – Raider

Gurvinder Singh – Raider

Lalit Chaudhary – Raider

More GB – Raider

Sachin Tanwar – Raider

Sonu – Raider

Amit Kharb – Defender

Ruturaj Koravi – Defender

Pankaj – All-Rounder

Shazid Hossain – All-Rounder

Vinod Kumar- All-Rounder

Rohit Gulia – All-Rounder

Haryana Steelers released players

Amirhossein Maleki – Raider

Arun Kumar HN – Raider

Naveen – Raider

Prashanth Kumar Rai – Raider

Selvamani K. – Raider

Dharmaraj Cheralathan – Defender

Ravi Kumar – Defender

Vikas Kale – Defender

Sunil – Defender

Parveen – Defender

Subash Narwal – Defender

Vikram Kandola – Defender

Kuldeep Singh – Defender

Tin Phonchoo – All-Rounder

Jaipur Pink Panthers released players

Ajinkya Pawar – Raider

Deepak Narwal – Raider

Guman Singh – Raider

Lokesh Kaushik – Raider

Milinda Chaturanga – Raider

Nilesh Salunke – Raider

Karamvir – Defender

Sandeep Dhull – Defender

Sunil Siddhgavali – Defender

Deepak Hooda – All-Rounder

Dong Gyu Kim – All Rounder

Santhapanaselvam – All Rounder

Patna Pirates released players

Pardeep Narwal – Raider

Ashish – Raider

Jang Kun Lee – Raider

Mohammad Esmaeil – Raider

Naveen – Raider

Purna Singh – Raider

Mahendra Choudhary – Defender

Jaideep – Defender

Jwahar – Defender

Amit Kumar – All-Rounder

Hadi Oshtorak – All-Rounder

Ravinder – All-Rounder

Vikas Jaglan – All Rounder

Puneri Paltan released players

Nitin Tomar – Raider

Amit Kumar – Raider

Darshan Kadian – Raider

Emad Sedaghatnia – Raider

Manjeet – Raider

Sriram – Raider

Sushant Sail – Raider

Deepak Yadav – Raider

Surjeet Singh – Defender

Shubham Shinde – Defender

Girish Maruti Ernak – Defender

Amit Kumar – All-Rounder

Sagar Krishna – All-Rounder

Sandeep – All-Rounder

Tamil Thalaivas released players

Rahul Chaudhari – Raider

Ajay Thakur – Raider

Anand – Raider

Shabeer Bappu – Raider

Ajith Kumar – Raider

Vineet Sharma – Raider

Yashwant Bishnoi – Raider

Ajeet – Defender

Ponparthiban Subramanian – Defender

Mohit Chhillar – Defender

Arif Robbani – Defender

Manjeet Chhillar – All Rounder

Hemant Chauhan – All Rounder

Ran Singh – All-Rounder

Victor Obiero – All Rounder

Telugu Titans released players

Siddharth Desai – Raider

Sooraj Desai – Raider

Amit Kumar – Raider

Kamal Singh – Raider

Mula Siva Ganesh Reddy – Raider

Palle Mallikarjun – Raider

Vishal Bhardwaj – Defender

Arun – Defender

Krushna Madne – Defender

Abozar Mohajermighani- Defender

Armaan – All-Rounder

Farhad Milaghardan – All Rounder

U Mumba released players

Arjun Deshwal – Raider

Athul MS – Raider

Dong Geon Lee – Raider

Gaurav Kumar – Raider

Rohit Baliyan – Raider

Vinoth Kumar – Raider

Rajaguru Subramanian – Defender

Harsh Vardhan – Defender

Anil – Defender

Young Chang Ko – Defender

Surinder Singh – Defender

Sandeep Narwal – All-Rounder

Mohit Baliyan – All-Rounder

U.P. Yoddha released players

Rishank Devadiga – Raider

Shrikant Jadhav – Raider

Monu Goyat – Raider

Masud Karim – Raider

Ankush – Raider

Azad Singh – Raider

Gulveer Singh – Raider

Surender Singh – Raider

Ashish Nagar – Defender

Amit – Defender

Akram Shaikh – All-Rounder

Gurdeep – All-Rounder

Mohsen Maghsoudlou – All-Rounder

Narender – All-Rounder

Sachin Kumar – All-Rounder