Challenge to the limit: Games that challenge us from start to finish

Video games are notable for their complexity and unpredictability, requiring players to be agile and strategic.

Challenge to the limit: Games that challenge us from start to finish
Challenge to the limit: Games that challenge us from start to finish
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It’s no secret that today’s AAA video games are the product of giant corporations, each competing with others for the attention and time of gamers. To surpass the consequences of competitors, introduced new mechanics, improved graphics, and increased productivity. And as a result, we get a lot of really cool games which are pleasant to play. But somehow, most are abandoned before they are finished – they need to understand why they are bored.

Dead Space 3

  • The first part blew players’ minds. A terrific story, a well-described world, dark sci-fi, and bright emotions – all these things made Dead Space one of the main games of 2008. Even such things as sluggish controls, not the most comfortable camera and a non-standard interface were only to the advantage: in a hardcore horror setting, all this strengthened the effect of being at Ishimura Station. The only reason to quit going through the first part was precisely the fear – the most passionate gamers still tint their grey hair after encountering the local monsters.
  • The second part of the franchise absorbed the best of the first and added to it, and most gamers were just as excited about it. But the third one. Yes, the same world, the same hero, the continuation of the same story in the same world. But the horror left no trace: Dead Space 3 became an action thriller with many action battles, where the important thing is a reaction and the right weapon for the fight. Time after time, corridor after corridor, you have to shoot and hide behind cover. It’s annoying as hell. 

It’s precise because of the drastic change of course to a boring action game that most players gave up on getting through Dead Space 3. But fans of space shooters are sure to be pleased.


Wow, you say, does the most popular game of 2022 have a reason to quit the walkthrough? There are, and perfect ones at that. Of course, the game looks unconventional, as few places get to play as a regular cat. A funky open world; main quests alternate with side quests, and all self-respecting video bloggers stream gameplay to audiences of thousands. But if you put aside all this tinsel, it turns out that apart from playing as a cat, there is nothing special about Stray. It’s a walking simulator from point A to point B. Go there, then there, jump there, take it there, run around in circles from enemies, then repeat three hundred times more.

Not surprisingly, most gamers haven’t even played Stray but watched the process of playing popular streamers. After all, many would have abandoned it precisely because running back and forth for hours on end, even if it’s an exciting setting, gets boring quickly.

Assassin’s Creed Origins, Odyssey, Valhalla

Three next-gen Assassins games that are undoubtedly very cool. Each represents an exciting era and location: Ancient Egypt, ancient Greece, and Britain during its conquest by the Vikings. The games brought a bunch of innovations, such as a new role system, character progression, active abilities and thousands of items to equip, which can also be strengthened.

They, of course, have an exciting story, but only to get to him, you have to spend ten times more time on the same type of grind quests and activities that get boring in a few hours. For example, to pass the primary mission, you need to be of a certain level. How to achieve it? That’s right, grind, grind, grind. As a result, the passage of one part of the game alone takes at least a hundred to two hundred hours. Only some people are ready to give so much time to pass exciting games.

Because of this delay, even the most devoted gamers of the series give up before the middle of the game.

Assassin's Creed Origins, Odyssey, Valhalla

Red Dead Redemption 2

Here the situation is similar but the opposite. RDR 2 is a masterpiece of modern gaming, and everything in it is perfect. Every aspect of the game is incredible and mind-blowing. But therein lies the devil: the journey through the Wild West (although, of course, it’s not quite Wild anymore), although very diverse, takes a hell of a lot of time. It takes about two hundred hours to get through the game 100%. That’s. A lot. A lot. The player dissolves into terrific side quests, wants to take the slightest detail, but ends up lingering so much in the walkthrough that one day he becomes indifferent to it and drops it about halfway through.

Elden Ring and Other Soulslike

A particular genre of games is named after the ancestor of the genre – Dark Souls. The main zest of these games is the incredible complexity of the fights, which are almost entirely composed of the products. Rolls, rolls, jumps and lunges – the sequence of these actions must be long and hard to remember. And the behaviour patterns of each opponent are strikingly different, so you have to die very often. They mainly consider that only one fleeting mistake is enough to defeat them.

Even though this features the souls like games and Elden Ring, in particular to the Olympus of action projects, it also became the main reason why most players do not pass the game. And not just to the final, but often to the second boss!