Crowd Control Esports organises India’s first LAN Pokemon Unite Tournament ‘AAYO PokeCon’

CCE has organized more than 25 esports tournaments and events across genres in the last 2 years.

Crowd Control Esports organises India’s first LAN Pokemon Unite Tournament ‘AAYO PokeCon’
Crowd Control Esports organises India’s first LAN Pokemon Unite Tournament ‘AAYO PokeCon’
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Crowd Control Esports (CCE), has recently announced ‘AAYO PokeCon’, India’s First LAN Pokemon Unite Tournament, something to cheer for the Indian Pokemon Unite Community. Through this, the brand has also launched its latest IP- ‘AAYO’ which will mark all their future conventions in the coming years.

It is first of its kind 3rd party LAN event for Pokemon Unite across the globe. (Pokemon Unite was launched last year on mobile in September 2021) and since its debut, apart from PokeCon, the only other LAN of this scale is the Pokemon Unite World’s where India was also a participant. It’s also unique because it’s a one-of-a-kind esports festival, where the focus is not just on competition but also on celebration and creation. Pokemon Unite is a free-to-play Multiplayer Online Battle Arena game released for Nintendo Switch and Mobile devices. Reportedly, the game has been downloaded more than 70 million times across all platforms globally as of April 2022 and continues to grow.

AAYO PokeCon is attracting a lot of attention as it is expected to be India’s largest esports festival because of the sheer footfall that is expected and the theme, where the company is presenting esports as an experience and what are the different aspects of it. The date of the finale (online) is October 15-16, 2022, while the date of the finale (Event-LAN) is October 21-23, 2022. The tickets for the same are going live from September 27, 2022.

Speaking on the subject, Peeyush Kumar, Founder and CEO- Crowd Control Esports said, “The Indian esports fraternity is ready and CCE aims to disrupt the esports space by bringing forth different format of games which will tests one’s skillset and abilities on various levels. We also very proud to mention that it’s also a first-ever LAN for a mobile MOBA. Prior to this India has only witnessed LAN events for games like PUBG, BGMI and FreeFire. AAYO PokeCon is already being dubbed as the biggest third-party event in the history of the Indian MOBA community. Our aim in the next 3 years is to completely change the Indian esports landscape and make it at par with International esports standards.”

The teams participating in the AAYO PokeCon are- S8Ul, Revenant Esports, True Rippers, Team Lagaan, Bichoo Gang, Enigma Gaming, Chemin Esports and God’s Reign to name a few. Also, this tournament offers the largest prize pool ever for a mobile MOBA in India of Rs. 10,00,000 for the finale.

CCE is a third party to the game Pokemon Unite and has the permission to organize the ‘AAYO PokeCon’ by The Pokemon Company International. AAYO PokeCon also has interesting offerings for those who are NFT collectors, cosplay artists or fanart creators as there are activities like Cosplay, Metaverse, NFT shows, Anime, Comics and much more. This will be the first-ever esports event where the tickets can be purchased via NFTs. The 45 days event will see over 100 teams battling to grab 8 slots for the league stage at Gaur Stadium, Noida (UP) (the first Esports stadium in India).